Friday, April 24, 2020

What is Inner Freedom in Marriage ?

lack of suffering does not cause people to behave worse. It draws out the best in them.

My lack of suffering during upsetting situations does not get in the way of me wanting to get things back on track with my daughter or to reconnect with Angus. Suffering is not what brings out the best in humans. This may sound obvious, but many people, myself included in the past, believe that self-punishment, pushing, and being hard on oneself is what is required to excel in life. Many believe that this is what is required for success, and if you let yourself just be, you will devolve into a lazy, no-good, worthless, unproductive human being who will be rejected and unloved.

When this is believed it creates tremendous anxiety and insecurity. Our human need to experience love is innate. In Bruce Perry’s book Born for Love, he writes about how our drive for love is hard wired because our physical survival has been so dependent on community from antiquity. This biological drive is the innate intelligence behind life expressing itself.  As such it does not make sense to do anything to threaten the experience of connection and loving bonds with others. So if we believe we need to be hard on ourselves and improve ourselves in order to be lovable, we will do that with a vengeance and suffer as a result. 

The trouble is-rather than this bringing out the best in us-the pressure we exert on ourselves through pushing and striving causes stress and constriction. This gets in the way of optimal performance. Anxiety and insecurity limit our functioning. Stress brings out the worst in us, especially where relationships are concerned.

Importance of Astrology Matching in an Indian Matrimony

The concept of Astrology Matching basically thrives in India and is taken seriously in an Indian matrimony.

The Art of Namma matrimony is one among those rare matrimony sites in India that encourages individuals to connect on a spiritual level. And since Astrology Matching is a must in an Indian wedding, we boost the process of matchmaking by allowing individuals to meet people with similar interests. We believe in giving our users the space, time and the privacy to interact and get to know each other. We accelerate the process of meeting a potential life partner that shares the similar set of interests by knowing your interests first. This widens the scope of ending up with the person you like as well as love. The environment here is safe, healthy and transparent as compared to most Indian matrimony sites. 

Our Feeling & Emotion value by Matrimony Services ?

Usually , Matrimony share the Profile & Profile Interchange to Opposite Gender .But , Namma Matrimony values your Emotional & feeling.We Process your Profile like  Parents .We believe & focus on quality rather thanquantity we don't work on bio data only as we believe people are much more than what can be conveyed on paper. Namma Matrimony group of Namma Technologies (P) ltd your marriage consultants & wedding management. Highlighting your happiness with a permanent marker called marriage . Life is a pack of moments.But the key to change the moments is in your hand only.

How Can You Find The Perfect Indian Bride Of Your Dreams Online?

Ask few Question on the first meet

Now it is the time to actually come face to face and talk about the critical decision of your life. Without wasting your precious time and read below these essential questions to be asked.

1. Ask about the person\'s profile including all the social information

2. Ask more about the likes and dislikes, overall, the interests of the person.

3. Ask about family, friends, and relatives to get an idea of surroundings.

4. be a little philosophical and ask about values, morals, culture, and life. The stuff like that helps know the person's real nature.

5. While asking about the things mentioned above, don't forget to check out their behavior and attitude. Check whether the person you are meeting is interested in you or not?


Ensure that the matrimony sites that are chosen have a good reputation. This includes loyalty and superior customer satisfaction, where customer testimonials and reviews online are of great help.


Choose a matrimony site offering a useful database for serving different castes, perfect matchmaking. Also, it should cater to a different religion, creed or castes.


Choose those matrimonial services in which complete protection and security of personal information being hacked online.

I hope this has been a great guide to find the perfect life partner. Do share your reviews with us.

Why Nammamatrimony ?

Marriage of their child is dream of every parents .We believe & focus on quality rather than quantity we don't work on bio data only as we believe people are much more than what can be conveyed on paper.Namma Matrimony group of Namma Technologies (P) ltd your marriage consultants & wedding management. Highlighting your happiness with permanent marker called marriage . Life is a pack of moments. But the key to change the moments is in your hand only.

How to find the perfect match ?

To sum up, finding a groom / bride !! Therefore, you must look for many options before finalizing the one who would be perfect for her. Following these two methods will expose you to many eligible bachelors, and then you can choose the perfect one for you. You will need a lot of patience, but it is sure that you will find the perfect groom/ Bride for your Son / Daughter  ...

Thursday, April 23, 2020

How to create an Impressive Matrimony Profile ?

There is always someone, somewhere who is made for you in heaven. Therefore, don’t lose hope over delayed responses or no matches. There will be times when your interest requests would be rejected, or you won’t get the desired results of your choice. Be patient and hopeful as sooner or later, you shall find your soulmate who matches your preference, and you match theirs.